The Great Fall of China - The Economist

The EconomistThe Great Fall of ChinaThe EconomistONCE the soundtrack to a financial meltdown was the yelling of traders on the floor of a financial exchange. Now it is more likely to be the wordless hum of servers in data centres, as algorithms try to match buyers with sellers. But every big sell-off ...China cuts rates and pumps in liquidityFinancial TimesChina cuts rates, reserve ratio after stocks plummet againYahoo Finance UKChina-Led Emerging Market Turmoil Evokes Worrisome 1994 ParallelBloombergWorldcrunch -WantChinaTimesall 2,423 news articles »

VW Finance sees boost from China reserves policy move - Business Insider

Business InsiderVW Finance sees boost from China reserves policy moveBusiness InsiderBEIJING (Reuters) - When China's central bank singled out auto financing companies for extra help on Tuesday, it effectively freed up more than 200 million yuan ($30 million) for Volkswagen AG's China finance unit, which it can use to boost falling car ...and more »

The causes and consequences of China's market crash - The Economist

The EconomistThe causes and consequences of China's market crashThe EconomistCurrency pegs that triggered trouble in the late 1990s have largely been replaced by floating-rate regimes, foreign-exchange reserve piles are larger, and financial systems are better managed and more robust. Neither does a 2008-style meltdown appear ...Markets live: China injects fresh stimulus after stocks crash in country's stock plunge smacks global shares, US stocks diveYahoo Finance UKChina's 'Black Monday' sends markets reeling across the globe - as it happenedThe GuardianYahoo News -Financial Times -Yahoo News UKall 9,159 news articles »

Shenzhen Goldman Sachs is China's latest fake - Financial Times

CNNMoneyShenzhen Goldman Sachs is China's latest fakeFinancial TimesWhile it uses the English name Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen) Financial Leasing Company, there is no evidence that the Chinese entity was masquerading as the international investment bank. A receptionist answering the company's phone said it had nothing ...The CEO of China's fake Goldman Sachs isn't talkingCNNMoneyHeard of China's Fake Rolexes? Now There's a Fake Goldman SachsBloombergall 105 news articles »

China financial crisis: How it WILL hit Britain's savings HARD - financial crisis: How it WILL hit Britain's savings Greetham at Royal London Asset Management thinks markets could bounce as central bankers in China, Japan, Europe and the US ease monetary policy to prevent a meltdown. He said: ?If you are feeling brave, the plunge in share prices may be a ...FTSE recovers some of its China lossesYahoo Finance UKPanic selling returns to fragile markets as investors fret China's rate cut 529 news articles »

India - we can take the economic lead as China stumbles - BBC News

BBC NewsIndia - we can take the economic lead as China stumblesBBC NewsTo encourage in much needed external finance, Mr Jaitley says he will be "laying out the red carpet" for foreign investors. Many eyes are now turning to India as China wobbles. Did Mr Jaitley fear that India could be swept up in the global gloom that ...India can replace China as driver of global growth: Finance Minister Arun JaitleyEconomic Timesall 77 news articles »

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Features - Editor, 22 October 2014

Trade Drops for Phase 1 of Canton Fair 2014

Held twice a year in the city of Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province, the Canton Fair has been running since 1957 and is considered to be the largest trade fair in China. The Canton Fair (full name being China Import and Export Fair) is organized by China Foreign Trade Center and supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China and People’s Government of the Guangdong Province. To accommodate the more than 150,000 different products showcased by more than 55,800 exhibitors, the Canton Fair is split into three sessions. Phase 1 of the current Canton Fair took place on October 15-19 and included Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances; Lighting Equipment; Machinery, Vehicles & Spare Parts; Hardware & Tools; Chemical Products; Energy Resources; and Building Materials. Phase 2 is set to take place on October 23-27 featuring Consumer Goods; Gifts; and Home Decorations. Phase 3 on October 31 to November 4 includes Office Supplies; Recreation Products; Cases & Bags; Food; Textiles & Garments; Shoes; and Medicines, Medical Devices & Health Products.


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Trade - Editor, 24 September 2014

China's Economic Growth Slows, Shadow Lending Grows

A recent report published by New York-based research company China Beige Book (CBB) revealed that China's economic growth is faltering, despite the government's 'mini-stimulus' strategies launched in May, which included a more relaxed approach to lending and a wave of infrastructure investment projects. The CBB report, which is compiled from surveys of more than 2,100 firms around China, noted that less than 20 percent of the firms surveyed borrowed in the third quarter, whether it be from the bond market, banks or shadow finance firms, which is a drop of 29 percent when compared to the third quarter of 2013. The report also shows that capital expenditures have dipped to the lowest level since the CBB survey began in 2012.


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News - Editor, 10 September 2014

China's e-Commerce Market Booming

As Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba prepares for its IPO through the New York Stock Exchange, the Dalian Wanda group in China announced on Friday that it would be entering into an e-commerce joint venture with Baidu and Tencent Holdings to be registered in Hong Kong. Wanda will own 70 percent of the new venture with Baidu and Tencent each holding 15 percent. The aim is to tap into China's e-commerce market, which is reportedly the largest in the world and currently dominated by Alibaba. The collaboration between the three companies will create the world's biggest online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce platform, where people use their mobile devises to locate and buy goods and services, often while they are in or nearby the physical store.


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