Can New China Sustain its Spot in Economic News?

  • China has displaced the United States as the largest trading partner of India. There are similar moves with respect to Australia and Africa.
  • The US economy has become substantially dependant on China. Read an article on one of our sister web sites entitled “The ETF Route to Stock Market Gains in China” to find out more.
  • China has taken sensible steps to building new accountability in its business sector. Here is a quick link to one of earlier articles on this matter: Environmental and Social Accounting for China Business

China has had large shares of world economic news for years. Not all of it has been supportive. Nevertheless, it has surged ahead of its Asian peers. Gaps between China and other countries are set to widen. There is a new focus in Beijing. It is typically low-key, but powerful nevertheless. What sets new China apart?

Firstly, China does not take sides in the internal matters of others. This policy applies at home as well. Consider how trade with Taiwan has nothing to do with ideology. The business-like administration of Hong Kong is another pointer.

These changes can be of more than academic interest. Understanding new China can make or break your business. No other country does as much to grow international trade. Use our web pages to find out more about China. Make new China your competitive strength!