Canton Fair Prepares to Welcome the World

With more than 55,000 exhibition stands and booths set out over an area of 1,125,000 square meters, the more than 160,000 visitors from over 200 countries need plenty of time to explore all the business opportunities on offer. With this in mind, the 110th edition of the China Import and Export Fair will take place in three phases, being: Phase 1 on October 15-19; Phase 2 on October 23-27; and Phase 3 on October 31-November 4, 2011.

Some of the categories exhibitors can register under for Phase 1 include Large Machinery and Equipment; Bicycles; Vehicle Spare Parts; Hardware; Electrical Appliances; Electronic Products; Lighting Equipment; Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment; Small Machinery; Motorcycles; Chemical Product; Tools; Consumer Electronics; Computer and Communication Products; and Building and Decoration Materials. Phase 2 includes Toys; Festival Products; Kitchen and Tableware; Art Ceramics; General Ceramics; Furniture; Gardening Products; Toys; Gifts; Weaving, Rattan and Iron Arts; and Glass Artware. Phase 3 includes a range of clothing categories, as well as medicines, health products, recreation products, office supplies and food. Visitors to the Canton Fair need to secure an invitation, apply for the appropriate visas, and register to attend. Visit the China Import and Export Fair website for more information.