China Energy Tech Summit 2008

The prestigious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Beijing will be the venue for the upcoming China Energy Tech Summit 2008 to be held 15-17 October 2008. This summit, which is the first of its kind in China, will focus on China’s energy industries and will also provide an international platform for overseas businesses that are involved in energy conservation and emission reduction. The China Energy Tech Summit 2008 will address issues relating to energy conservation, as well as emission reduction technologies, in gas, oil, coal, coal-chemical, petrochemical and electrical power industries.

In 2007, the government of China issued “The General Working Plan for Energy Conservation and Pollutant Discharge Reduction” which has as its goal to cut energy consumption by 20% and the release of major pollutants by 10% by the end of 2010. The “National Action Plan”, setting out a strategy to address global warming, was made public at the same time. These steps have been taken in response to a study which revealed that in 2006, China had become the number one emitter of greenhouse gasses, with the United States taking second place.

The summit will provide ample opportunities for participants to come to grips with the legal terminology surrounding energy issues, through face-to-face communication with officials from various governmental departments, such as the Ministry of Commerce, NDRC and NPC. Additionally, participants will receive guidance in mapping out and implementing the most advantageous strategies for new technology development and business expansion in China’s market.

The China Energy Tech Summit 2008 is being organized by Shanghai-based Duxes Business Consulting Inc and has been endorsed by some powerful organizations from around the world, including General Electric (GE), Exxon Mobil, Siemens, Shell, Alstom, BO, Schneider Electric, Honeywell International, Sinpoec, State Grid, China National Petroleum Corporation and Huaneng Group. With significant backing from China’s government, this event has been organized to highlight, and respond to, the recently released policies and regulations dealing with renewable energy industry development, energy conservation and general energy industry development.

It is anticipated that many fruitful business deals will be concluded at the China Energy Tech Summit 2008 – all to the benefit of the environment, for current and future generations.