China’s Trade with Portuguese-Speaking Countries Grows

Angola tops the list of Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa with an increase of 35.5 percent in trade with China in 2013. Imports from Angola totaled US$33.458 billion, while exports to Angola totaled US$4.044 billion. Trade with Mozambique increased by 22.6 percent in 2013, with imports from Mozambique totaling US$451 million, and exports to the African country totaling US$1.19 billion.

This increase in trade is in line with China’s commitment to increasing trade with worldwide Portuguese-speaking countries. At Forum Macau in November last year, the Ministerial Conference agreed on a Plan of Action for Economic and Trade Cooperation with the goal of increasing trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking world to and amount of US$160 billion by 2016. To this end, China’s deputy Prime Minister, Wang Yang, has given his support for the construction of a number of facilities in Macau specifically aimed at trade relations between China and the Portuguese-speaking world. These are likely to include a Commercial Services Center dedicated to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, a Center for Distribution of Food Products, and a Center for Conventions and Expositions for Economic and Trade Cooperation between the two parties.