China’s Human Rights, Government, and the Olympics

You cannot separate business from culture. Trade is between real people, not frogs! Lady amphibians love loud sounds in the dark; the Chinese government is different when you want their attention! Washington and IBM are amongst the best students of the Chinese way. Learn from them!

Most sport looks good enough on a television screen. The camera angles and popcorn can be better than a hard seat in a stadium. The Beijing Olympic Games are different. A visit in person can be an enjoyable primer in Chinese life. Why should that matter to you?

Love or hate her, there is no ignoring China! Most people of the world are like the fabled blind men and the elephant! Is the country really a bed of human rights abuse? How much has China to do with the competitiveness of western corporations? Has Beijing done more than Boston to reduce pollution? Do Native Americans fare better than rural communities in China?

China has traded wars and emissaries with the world for centuries. Behavioral psychology is a modern and civilized way for countries to deal with each other. Visit China during the 2008 Olympics to start a mature relationship with this nation. Read an article on one of our sister web sites entitled “Poker Principles to Win No Matter Which Card China Deals”. It will give you broad hints about how you can make money from a vacation in China this year.