Chinese Business Opportunities in Environmental Protection (Part 2)

Chinese Business Opportunities Related to Environmental Protection (Part 1)

The methodology of the International Standards Organization is a suitable way for China to improve its conservation and pollution abatement standards (ISO 14000 Series, 2004). Consultants, well versed with the procedures of the ISO 14000 series, have exceptional potential throughout the industrial centers and urban managements of China. Obviously, this is on top of engineered hardware and equipment which companies and administrations need to use. The China National Cleaner Production Center is a central body in the country to establish ISO systems.

Evolving Environmental Perspectives as New Business Opportunities

The World Bank has estimated that air and water pollution probably costs China over $50 billion a year, which is over 5% of its Gross Domestic Product. The gigantic population, with its inexorable growth, adds tremendous weight to pollution issues: China must increase its grain production by an equivalent of Canada’s entire output, just to feed new citizens! Hazardous waste is an additional concern, apart from degradation of the natural environment. The dimensions of China’s pollution loads may seem to be daunting, but rapid progress is possible with the right inputs. The country’s dramatic record of industrial growth is proof of the determination and capabilities of its citizens.

It is facile to think that the Chinese are not bothered about the environment, or that they are inveterate law-breakers. It is a universal and well-established truism that environmental conservation and competitiveness can go hand-in-hand. Administrators may have had to make hard choices in ramping up national growth parameters, but the local people know that they should install sustainable methods as soon as possible. Service providers, who can show the Chinese how to meet conservation standards, and to strengthen their competitiveness at the same time, have superior and profitable business opportunities on their horizons.