Delightful Public Ownership of China Business (Part 2)

The China International Trust and Investment Company (CITIC) is a flagship of China business. It is such a successful corporation that even the wealthiest investors would gladly surrender their portfolios for slices of this cake! The corporation is professionally run on sound business management principles, with no concessions for the alleged ideology of the state, which is the sole proprietor. CITIC works within tightly defined boundaries of political masters, but is agile and creative in taking top China business decisions in day-to-day operations. CITIC represents China business on the world stage, and is an inevitable if low-key participant in the most strategic events. CITIC is a pivot on which foreign capital and new technologies power China business. The corporation has a remarkable track record of conquering new segments of the economy with accomplished expertise. No praise can be exaggerated when it comes to describing the wealth created by CITIC, but the real wonder is that it is a product of the vision of die-hard communists!

Citizenship Lessons from China Business

Nothing could be further from the aims of this article than to promote non-democratic governance or to malign the values of free enterprise. Our purpose here is to try and lay a new paradigm for promotion of the rights and prospects of small investors. All citizens are investors: some through financial instruments, and other through their labor. There are many indications that the U.S. system has its dice loaded in favor of the wealthy and of large business corporations. China business offers a credible alternative for those of us who believe in laissez-faire!

Interest in the role of the state in China business need not be entirely esoteric. Anyone who wishes to enter the country with some commerce in mind, or companies that find the going tough in this terrain, can also use appreciations of the state role in directing China business. Officials and leaders, both in Beijing and in provinces, are as clear about their objectives, as they are responsive to all shades of opinion, no matters where it originates.