Energy is the Real Olympics for China

How often do you read about Pakistan? The President’s April 2008 China visit has been extraordinary. Read about it if you do not know. His statement in China has been low-key. It is also literally earth-shaking. Pakistan wants to link oil for China through a pipe-line from Iran. India was an original participant in this energy grid. It has vacillated on the issue. Now China has a new oil supply offer.

China is on track to lead the world race for energy. Australia and Africa have built strong energy supply links with China. This is on top of the country’s vast domestic reserves. Many top US alternative energy suppliers have entered China. The country has also stolen a big lead over India in securing nuclear energy infrastructure. Middle East oil and gas has taken the sea route to China. Pakistan’s proposal will cut distance and costs significantly.

Why should you bother with all this? Energy will not restrain your China enterprise for one thing. That is unlike the peers of China which suffer crippling power shortages. Pakistan’s proposal also has international political implications. Iran will get a stable source of revenue. Central Asia and China will become nearly seamless. Tibet’s neighbors can follow its economic lead.

London, Paris, and San Francisco have shed their civilized veneer. The Olympics have descended to a new low of obstructive democracy. The world media love to berate China through torch histrionics. China is unmoved. It is pre-occupied with another race. It is far ahead of the pack.