Expo 2010 Shanghai

Starting on May 1 and running through to October 31, Expo 2010 Shanghai has as its theme “Better City, Better Life”, drawing attention to the fact that all over the world humankind has a desire for better living conditions. It is estimated that in the early 1800s around 2 percent of the global population lived in cities, a situation which has changed dramatically, with the United Nations estimating that by 2010 at least 55 percent of the global population will be living in urban areas. Faced with the continual shift toward urbanization, the international community recognizes the need for future policy making, sustainable development and urban strategies.

By means of various sub-themes, Expo 2010 Shanghai will present blueprints for cities of the future, focusing on harmonious urban lifestyles that will be of interest to visitors of all nations. Sub-themes to be presented at Expo 2010 Shanghai include: blending of diverse cultures in the city; economic prosperity in the city; innovations of science and technology in the city; remodeling of communities in the city; and interactions between urban and rural areas.

After considering 26,655 entries, the emblem chosen for Expo 2010 Shanghai was inspired by the Chinese character for the “world” and depicts three people holding hands, symbolizing the family of humankind and embracing the world’s diversified cultures. The mascot for the expo was created from the Chinese character for “people” and has been named “Haibao”, meaning “treasure of the seas”. This loveable little blue character with a smiling face will feature on posters, television and a range of toys and gadgets.

The Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) of the exhibition site will feature more than 55 projects, including a green building project focusing on energy efficiency called “Eco-house in Shanghai”, and a wetland park for the purification of water. Representatives from London will be constructing two houses for the UBPA, both of which will make use of the sun, wind, rainwater and biotic energy to function. Barcelona’s representatives will demonstrate how Spain has successfully maintained historic buildings in its Ciutat Vella districts, while at the same time modernizing the area to improve the lifestyle of the residents. These are just two of the countries being represented at Expo 2010 Shanghai which is sure to inspire all who visit to strive toward better living in the cities of the world.