Green Stars of China Business (Part 1)

Though exploration, extraction, refining, and distribution of fossil fuels has largely been in the hands of private capital for most of the 20th century, it has been left to governments to take leads in inventing alternative and sustainable energy forms. US industry has been especially hesitant to meet safer environmental pollution standards, and the focus seems to have been on the geo-politics of crude oil and natural gas reserves in countries with unstable international relations. New energy forms have remained largely in academic circles as a result of corporate apathy. China business has been able to strike a different path, with a number of industrial units combining well with government bodies to give energy security of the country a balanced future outlook.

The China business perspective on clean and sustainable energy has positive undertones for world security. This country accounts for 14% of all energy consumption on earth. Its future requirements are set to explode. The present per capita energy consumption is just an eight of what Canadians use, a fourth of consumption in EU countries, and no more than half the world average in this respect. China business cannot afford to take any back seat in meeting the towering challenges of raising huge but clean and sustainable energy resources!

How the Government Leads China Business from the Front

Broad-based planning, judicious husbanding of conventional energy forms, ambitious conversion targets, priority developmental funding, and relevant infrastructure provisions, are the five planks on which the Beijing and provincial governments have protected their community and China business interests in terms of national energy policies. Planning with a long-term horizon has been an appropriate starting point, as it has enabled all domestic and foreign stakeholders to have clear pictures of the total future energy requirements of China business. This is in pleasing contrast with the obfuscation that surrounds forward thinking in other countries.

Green Stars of China Business (Part 2)