Sustainable China Business (Part 2)

A thorough consensus on the scope of sustainable forestry is essential for traveling along the route to sustainable business in forestry. Sustainability has different connotations for various stakeholders. The most popular view is that sustainable forestry is all about protecting bio-diversity. While this view has much merit, the housing and paper needs of a country are not to be denied. Similarly, governments should not expect forest communities to remain as museum pieces for tourists to gaze on forever. The challenges are to protect their primordial values while uplifting them on economic fronts at the same time.

Modern Forestry Options for China Business in Guizhou

Guizhou is a wonderful laboratory to build modern enterprises on new templates. We can apply the lessons of all 20th century industrial development, and create ventures which deliver both conventional and new values in sustainable manner. The influence of the provincial government, and the federal resources in Beijing, can be used by entrepreneurs with dreams of holistic development, rather than of short-term profits alone. Forestry in Guizhou has incredible China business opportunities for creative citizens and for international investors alike.

Integrated tissue culture projects are typical examples of how Guizhou can be developed in line with a new China business template. This approach will protect bio-diversity, bring prosperity to local people, provide essential resources for other regions, and all this can be done without harming the tourism potential, or the quaint ethnicity of the populace. There are many opportunities for alternative energy generation and distribution in the area, and the natural environment makes it especially tempting to establish new China business ventures here to keep Guizhou at the vanguard of the global movement to control air emissions.