The Changing Face of China Business (Part 1)

Stock investment in China business through a reputed stock exchange is the most attractive option for ordinary people. You are assured of full disclosures, timely reporting, and the best standards of governance. The purpose of this new series of articles is to suggest ways for small business owners and stock investors to make best use of the dynamic China business environment. We focus in this article on financial services as a profitable route to taking part in the China business story.

Why is the Financial Sector an Attractive Part of China Business?

The 2007 sub-prime crisis has cast a shadow on the financial sector. However, no economy can do without financial services. Banking, insurance, and stock investment are sure to grow in proportion to economic development. China business is no exception. Financial strength is one of the most important end results of China’s growth over the past two decades. Note how much it has spent on the 2008 Olympics, or its liberal terms of trade for Africa.

Small stock investors should not be put off by reports of large financial institutions from China taking over western corporations. Beijing does not have a democratically elected government in the western sense of the term, but the regime does support private enterprise in stock investment. There are many small business options to participate in the financial sector of China business. The stock market culture of the country is still in its infancy compared to first world peers. However, a number of China business units do list in at least one western stock exchange.

The Changing Face of China Business (Part 2)