The Era of China on Earth

“I have no patience for long meetings”.
The curt warning was meant well.
We made extraordinary efforts to be in time. Every word we planned to speak was rehearsed over and again. The agenda (we thought) was a first trial order.

“Would you be interested in a joint venture”.

The valued customer was fashionably late. More to the point, how do you decide on a joint venture in 15 minutes?

This is a true story without names.

It is a real life case of cultural conflicts in world business.

The civilization of China has deep roots. It is even more difficult to fathom than the script. But trade demands that you understand. The shoe is now on the other foot. China does value English and the ways of people who are its native speakers. The nation is now a well-heeled customer and a banker to boot. That is why the world must now listen to China.

The world is accustomed to advising China. There is no topic on which other countries do not have patronizing words for this nation. China has always listened with patience. Read more about the history of world-China links at: New China Opium War and Peace

China is not Afghanistan under NATO. It will not use its undeniable powers to destroy other communities. Nevertheless, a paradigm shift in world relations is on the anvil. It is time to listen rather than to advise. We are already on course to a new period in world trade. Explore this web site to enjoy your journey, and come back as a frequent browser as well.