What if all Trade and Business Were managed as in China?

Who does not know Wen Jiabao? The Premier of the State Council is one of the best known leaders of the world. His address at the First Session of the Eleventh National People’s Congress during the first week of March 2008 is a mirror to future directions of trade and business in China. There are no promises of stimulus checks in the address. There is no mention of sub prime crime either. Nevertheless, the direction for the economy is clear. What can people who do trade and business with China have to learn from this address?

  • Urban and rural per capita incomes have both doubled between 2002 and 2007. Annual reductions in poverty are staggering by world standards.
  • Active regulation helps the government steer the economy of China. Governance is pragmatic and responds to the needs of people.
  • Agriculture is a priority for China. The countryside receives the lion’s shares of attention and resources. Farm production has made impressive strides, and is poised for sustained growth.
  • Information, biology, outer space, alternative energy, nanotechnology, and oceanography are thrust areas in China for new technologies.
  • Environmental conservation is a priority for China.

There are other leads in the speech of the Premier of China. Contact us if you would like more information and consultation on how to develop trade and business links with China. This is a country with a vast domestic market, enormous industrial infrastructure, and diligent governance as well. China can provide new impetus for your line of work and professional interests.