What the New Beijing Airport Says About China

1. Design and many contractors are common with Hong Kong’s airport. China is pragmatic about using the strengths of the territory which Britain had colonized.

2. The new terminal in the capital of China has not suffered from the teething pains of its peer at Heathrow. The Chinese know their project management and logistics.

3. China is more than a source of cheap labor. It is capable of professional management of complex infrastructure to world standards. The new airport extension is no less than the recently commissioned terminal in Singapore.

4. Every known security measure is in place at this new airport. China is a leading member of the newly emerged economies of the world, which offers state-of-the-art security.

5. Shares of the company which owns and operates the airport are available for trade in Hong Kong’s stock exchange. Please see point one above once again.

The International Air Transport Association has allotted the code ‘PEK’ for this airport. Who is responsible for the attempt to recall Peking? The world may never know. However, every association with the timeless culture of China should be welcome.

Civilian air traffic is so well developed in China that you could be a regular visitor without an opportunity to experience the exceptional facilities at Beijing. The new airport terminal is certainly yet another reason to set aside time for a tour of the dynamic capital of China.

Have you been to China during or after the new airport terminal opening? Write to us and let us know your baggage, check-in, shopping, and other experiences at this giant complex, which is said to resemble the famous Chinese dragon.