Guangdong Province in China

For many investors and foreign businessmen, the Guangdong Province is truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is located on the southern coast of China and is flanked by the Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province and the Fujian Province. Guangdong Province covers a coastline area of 4 300 kilometers of the South China Sea, with the Southern Mountain Range cutting it off from the north. The capital of the province is Guangzhou, and together with Shenzhen, they are the two most significant cities in China. Fortunately, business opportunities are found across the province.

Guangdong Province is home to approximately 91 million residents, of which 30 million are migrants. It is the most successful and lucrative province in China, making it a favorable business destination. It has the greatest GDP of all the other provinces in the country, and it is for this reason that more investors, foreign businesses and locals are looking at this province for business opportunities. With an estimated GDP for the year 2006 of $329.67 billion, it is easy to understand why this is the richest province in China.

As an economic powerhouse in China, the Guangdong Province has instituted tax incentives in the economic zones such as Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Shantou that attracts investors to the province. The Government of China has been trying to restrict the province in regard to some of its income incentives, but the province seems to be bursting with power, riches and an ever-growing economy. Since the year 1979, the province has attracted approximately 60 thousand foreign investors and businesses, with its greatest economic boom being noticeable during the 1990’s. The success of the Guangdong Province has influenced and assisted neighboring provinces, with most of their income being generated from the import and export industry, air conditioning, motorcycles and retail sales.

Over and above being a wonderful business destination in China, the Guangdong Province also provides visitors and travelers with a wide range of activities and sites to visit. Noteworthy attractions in the province include the Star Lake in Zhaoqing, the Dinghu Mountain, Yuanming New Park in Zhuhai, the Guanlan Golf Course in the city of Shenzhen and the Xiangjiang Wildlife Park in Guangzhou. If there is time between the unlimited numbers of business opportunities that are available in the province, exploring the attractions and breathtaking natural wonders of the region is well worth it.

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