Heilongjiang Province in China

The name Heilongjiang, literally means ‘Black Dragon River’. It is a province that is a known treasure trove of various industries and a potential business destination for foreign investors who are looking for interesting and stable business opportunities. Heilongjiang Province is located in the northern region of China and is popular with tourists for it breathtaking snow covered landscapes that come alive for the annual Ice Festival and the National Ski Festival that is held in the province. But there is more to the province than just beauty alone.

The Heilongjiang province covers an area of approximately 460 thousand square kilometers and has an estimated population of 36 million residents. When looking through the history of the province, it is noted that this region was a gateway between Europe and Russia to China. This landscape of the province is littered with mountain ranges that include the Wanda Mountains, Zhangguangcai Mountains, Great Khingan Range, the Laoye Mountains and the Lesser Khingan Range. As an agricultural business destination, the province of Heilongjiang is supplied with water through a number of rivers and lakes, such as the Mudan River, Songua River, the Xingkai Lake and the Nen River. The major cities within the province are: Heihe, Mudanjiang, Harbin, Shuangyashan, Qiqihar, Daqing, Yichun and Jiamusi.

When looking at business opportunities in the Heilongjiang province, investors will be glad to hear the since 2005, the province has experienced an 11 percent annual growth rate and that its industries are not limited to a few agricultural products. Within the agricultural sector, products such as wheat, maize, sunflowers, beets, flax and soy beans are contributing greatly to the economy. Farming, livestock and forestry have extended the product base of this sector to include wool, beef, furs, salmon, dairy products, lumber, pine and musk. The industrial sector has many business opportunities with industries such as textiles, petroleum, coal mining, food processing, machinery, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, telecommunication and crude oil, dominating the region. The province also has a vast number of natural resources of silver, lead, gold, aluminum, coal, copper, mica, marble and graphite, to name a few. Although the province is landlocked and does not have a port, it does have rivers that can be navigated, a few airports, railways and highways as transportation.

Visitors should not despair, as the province of Heilongjiang is not exclusively a business destination. In between the snow sports, festivals and spectacular landscapes, there are many sites and attractions for tourists to enjoy. One site that should not be missed is Wu Da Lian Chi. It is known as the ‘natural volcano garden’ and is a unique and unforgettable experience.

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