Zhengzhou in China

If you are planning to spend some time in Henan Province in The Peoples Republic of China, you simply have to go to Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou, formerly known as Zhengxian, is the capital city of the Henan Province. It is located just north of the center of the province and just south of the Yellow River. The city itself is quite dusty and flat and it is set amid the farmland in a region which produces quite a noteworthy annual yield.

The original pre-historic city that was first established in the area during the Shang Dynasty was called ‘Aodu’ or ‘Bodu’, but this was destroyed long before the First Emperor of China took to the throne. This does show how old the city is though. The name Zhengzhou was first used during the Sui Dynasty for a government situated in a different town. The government later saw fit to move to its current location during the Tang Dynasty and the city has retained this name ever since.

Zhengzhou in China is not noted for its tourist attractions or its business and trade relations. Nevertheless a businessman may find that there is plenty of business being conducted in and around the city. The city has a massive surrounding rural population of approximately 3.97 million individuals who all work together to see to the harvest of a variety of agricultural products. The main agricultural products include apples, tobacco, maize, paulownia, cotton and wheat. Other secondary products are unusual species of carp, watermelons, dried persimmons, jujube, megranate and garlic – all of which only really occur in the region. The city itself has also enjoyed the distinction of being one of the biggest industrial cities in the country since 1949. It is mainly concerned with the production of textiles, but it also concerned with the manufacture of locomotives, tractors, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, fertilizer, cigarettes and processed meats. For those wishing to know more about trade in Zhengzhou, the GDP per a capital for 2005 was only about ¥23 305 but there is plenty of potential for increase.

Travelers should take note that while Zhengzhou is not seen as being a top tourist destination in the country, it certainly does hold a few treasures worth seeing. The most notable attraction is the Henan Museum, which is so large that visitors would best spend at least half their day here to do it any justice. Other attractions include the Zhengzhou zoo, the Shang Dynasty Ruins (which are little more than a crumbling wall on the west side of the city), and a large water, light and music display which takes place every weekend in the New City Center. Visitors may also want to note that very few people in Zhengzhou speak English, so it may be wise to have the destinations you wish to visit written down on paper so that taxi-drivers can help you reach your preferred destination. So spend a day or two visiting Zhengzhou and discover this small city’s potential for yourself.

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