Hong Kong in China

The city of Hong Kong is located near Macau, on the border of the Guangdong Province and to the east of the Pearl River Delta. It is an economic hive of enterprises, industries and financial centers, and is a city that never seems to slow down or take a breath. A normal day in the life of Hong Kong consists of thousands of people crowding the sidewalk, non-stop travel, smog and noise. It is a dream business destination, and many investors travel to Hong Kong for its unlimited business opportunities and ever-developing industries.

Visitors and tourists are recommended to escape the bustle of everyday city life, by enjoying some of the noteworthy and fascinating attractions and sites that are available in Hong Kong. It is a city that literally has hundreds of activities, which includes a thriving nightlife, a shopping extravaganza and many shows and concerts to fill the evening. Advised day trips include Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak, Stanley Market, Star Ferry, Lantau Island, Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong Museum of History, Peak Tram, Man Mo Temple, Po Lin Monastery, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Wong Tai Sin Temple, Happy Valley Racecourse, Hong Kong Wetland Park, The Hong Kong Science Museum and the Ocean Park, which has not even scratched the surface of attractions in this great city.

For many, Hong Kong is not just a city of bright lights, skyscrapers and entertainment, it is a business destination that is alive with industry, innovation and technology. Thousands of investors travel to Hong Kong to explore new business opportunities, projects and ventures. The city is unique in regard to its politics and government, as China is only responsible for the foreign affairs and protection of Hong Kong, as a city of China. Hong Kong is therefore independent as such, as it maintains its own monetary system (Hong Kong Dollar), legal system, policies and police forces. The economy of the city is preserved through various ventures, such as the export and import markets, as the landscape is not rich in natural resources and doesn’t have a sustainable agricultural sector. It therefore concentrates on gross domestic product, manufacturing and services for income. Its economy is boosted by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which is ranked fifth in the world and the city comes in third as a global financial center.

Hong Kong is has become a financial powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. The economic stability and growing total GDPs, have secured the city as a destination filled with opportunity and an active tourist destination.

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