Liaoning Province in China

If you travel to northeastern China you will find the fascinating province of Liaoning. Not only does the Liaoning province enjoy good trade opportunities, but it is filled with fascinating attractions that make it a prime tourist destination. Liaoning in China can be loosely divided into three geographical regions: the western highlands, the middle plains and the eastern hills. The province also enjoys coastal connections which give it added benefits. The provincial capital is Shenyang and other noteworthy cities are Dilian, Anshan, Liaoyang, Fushun, Dandong, Jinzhou and Yingkou.

Liaoning enjoys a massive agricultural yield and has a good reputation for its fruit. Its main agricultural products are maize, soybeans and sorghum, but it also produces apples, golden peaches, pears, white pears, apricots, plums and cotton. The Dalian area is actually so productive that it produces three-quarters of all the apples and peaches which are exported from China. Liaoning also has the greatest iron, magnesite, boron and diamond deposits in China. Other natural resources from Liaoning include petroleum and natural gas. The province is also a massive source of quality seafoods, such as sea cucumbers, scallops, prawns, sea urchins, crabs and abalones. Jellyfish from Yingkou, fish from Dandong and clams from Panjin are exported internationally and domestically and are renowned for their excellent taste. Salt is also produced along the coast. Those interested in trade in Liaoning will find that both Dalian and Yingkou are massive major ports, which provide excellent economic gateways to the rest of northeast China.

Tourism is also really enjoyable in Liaoning Province, since there are a number of excellent attractions here – some of which have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The top attraction is that of Mukden palace which was used by the emperors of the Quin Dynasty. While not as famous as its counterpart, ‘the Forbidden City’ in Beijing, the Mukden palace is a beautiful attraction. It is a UNESCO World Hertiage Site because of its clear representation of architecture of that era and the Chongzheng Hall inside the palace is probably the most popular part of the attraction. You will also find three imperial tombs from the Qing Dynasty in the area, and the Anshan Jade Buddha – the largest jade Buddha statue in the world. Wunu Mountain City is also a treat, while the Benxi boat ride through a stalagmite filled cave is an otherworldly delight. The city of Dalian is filled with great attractions and is a great place to spend time if you are traveling with children. Why not discover all this and more by visiting Liaoyang Province? You’ll find it to be an excellent travel and business destination!

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