Shanghai in China

On the banks of the Yangtze River Delta, lies the city of Shanghai. It is the seventh biggest city in the world, and as an administrative municipality it enjoys a provincial status. It is no longer the quaint fishing village at the seaside as it was in the time of the Yuan Dynasty. Today, it covers a region of 5 800 square kilometers and has a population that has grown from a handful of fishermen, to nearly 18 million residents. The small fishing port has also been replaced by the structures and infrastructure that have made the Shanghai port into one of the biggest and busiest cargo ports in the world.

Movies such as ‘Shanghai Nights’ have made this city a household name across the globe and many visitors and tourists flock to Shanghai each year to catch a glimpse at the breathtaking skyscrapers and magnificent historical attractions that add to the diversity of the city. Visitors look forward to attractions such as the Jin Mao Tower, the ancient town of Qibao, the Longhua Temple and Pagoda, the Shanghai Museum, Zhujiajiiao and the Yuyuan Gardens. Ladies can’t wait to stroll along Nanjing Road, Sichuan North Road and Huaihai Road, to explore the shops and stores. Shanghai is famed for its traditional local cuisine.

But Shanghai is also a popular business destination, ranked in first place as the top economic city in China according to its GDP and steady, continuous growth since the year 1992. Although it has recently placed its focus on the development of fuelling industries, banking and finance, its original agricultural and industrial sectors still produce a healthy income. The agricultural sector of the city provides cotton, rice, vegetables, seeds, garlic, milk and livestock. A highly skilled workforce in the city ensures that industries such as electronics, stationary, plastics, dies, textiles, chemicals, glassware, watches, petrochemical industries, synthetic fibre, cameras and pens, function to the best of their ability and deliver quality products. The advances in construction and technology have become noticeable, and the improvements to the medical sector and the architectural masterpieces that are being produced confirm the city’s great economic growth. Business opportunities can be found around every corner in Shanghai, and since the city was named the most preferable destination for foreign investors, it has become the business destination of choice.

For tourists wanting to discover the secrets of an ancient world, and for investors searching for business opportunities, Shanghai is the answer. It is a cosmopolitan city that strives to accommodate travelers that are on business, as well as the tourists that have come to enjoy the city. Shanghai is able to provide a serious and stable economy, while ensuring that it does not lose sight of traditions and culture.

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