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About Us was established in the late 1995 and was one of the first web sites devoted exclusively to business and trade in China with news, original content, and blogs. The site has been exclusively managed by, which has overseen all development, editorial services and design. is strongly branded in the finance industry and China business sector, and is visited by hundreds of users every day, both local and international, looking for China trade and business related information.

Demographics and Targeted Audiences

Most of the tens of thousands of annual visitors to are searching for business and financial information related to China. Advertising on gets your product or service seen by a focused marketplace of ready, willing and able consumers and reaches the right demographics and highly targeted audiences interested in finance, business, trade, investing and much more.

Ad Options

Banner Advertising

Graphical banners are available at a CPM rate (cost per thousand impressions) or on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis.

Available Banner sizes:

125 x 125

300 x 250

160 x 600

Sponsored Ad Units

There are a limited number of selected pages where companies can be presented as Page or Section Sponsors at competitively priced, fixed rates based upon monthly or quarterly campaigns.

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