A China Fund for the World

Recrimination after sales serves no purpose. Western financial authorities spew venom at the currency might of China. Advocates of free market currency floats are in trouble. Their theories have not worked. A government should manage its currency according to a plan. This is a legitimate service in the interests of common people. Read more about this approach at one of our sister web sites: Use Every China Currency Blog to Your Financial Planning Peril

Every country in the world has now to live with one fact. China is the largest owner of all key currencies. Secondly, this cash is owned and controlled by the people of China. Anyone can buy from or sell to China. However, foreign currencies are accumulated with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. Private bankers with sub-prime expertise are uncomfortable with a Central Bank of integrity on the world stage. This will not change the fact that China now has such a huge slice of your currency. Printing more banknotes will only make matters worse. What should you do?

We can write a prescription for any Fed, but will they honor it? Unwanted financial advice is not productive. It makes better sense to reflect on how the cash with China can be used for small and medium enterprises from other countries. We have three broad suggestions:

a. Start a business with China. The Internet offers nearly zero-investment options.
b. Promote your business to the China Investment Corporation. The country needs avenues to invest its enormous cash reserves. Perhaps you have a sound idea.
c. Buy stocks of corporations that trade with China. You can find options in Shanghai, Hong Kong, NYSE, NASDAQ, or any other stock exchange of your choice.