A Feather in the China Business Cap (Part 2)

Trading is integral to China business culture. You are welcome to import and to export. Take goods and services from here to wherever, or bring in anything which you think can capture a local market share in this vast and variegated conglomeration of humanity. Such relationships last only until the current transaction is complete, and you could be unwelcome tomorrow. A joint venture is at the other end of the spectrum, which any China business partner would aim to nurture for posterity. However, equality must be your watchword, and China business will resolutely oppose any attempts at domination or imposition.

Biotechnology as a China Business Thrust Area

DuPont is in many lines of enterprise, so a biotechnology JV has a special significance for China business onlookers. Intellectual property protection and any Research function cannot be separated, so it appears that China business has come a long way from the days of pirating music! Skeptics may argue that China business has more to offer than to take when it comes to genetic resources, but DuPont would obviously look forward to global business from any inventions that its China business joint venture is able to conjure. Biotechnology is a vast field with strategic implications for pest management, food processing, and many other aspects of the Life Sciences.

Do you have international China business experience? Perhaps you have launched goods and services from China in your home market, and may even live in the country with plenty of Chinese associates. How do you think China business ventures can be best structured, and how should the world should deal with citizens from this ancient civilization with a brilliant future?