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Measured by Gross Domestic Product, China has the world’s second largest economy. By population the five largest provinces in China are Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Tianjin and Guangzhou but the five largest commercial centers are

In late 1978, and under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, China began introducing economic reforms that

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China Trading and Commerce

China Commerce and Facts

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Below is our country profile containing facts and information to familiarize you with Snow Skiing.

We have assembled some fast facts about China trade. This information was compiled from a variety of resources includingOffice of the US Trade Representative, World Bank, US-China Business Council, Statista, Hong-Kong Trade Development Council, The Heritage Foundation, and China Business Review.

Below is our profile containing facts and information to familiarize you about China trade and industry.

  • 8% China’s Global Share of Merchandise Export
  • China’s Leading Trading Partner- European Union
  • 7% China’s Share of Exports to the United States (2019)
  • 9 Billion Yuan – Value of Chinese Exports to the United States
  • 2 Billion Yuan – Value of Chinese Manufactured Goods Globally
  • China’s Largest Trading Partner- The United States
  • 86% of North Korea Imports are from China’s
  • Guangzhou and Shenzhen are home to the 8 of the world’s 10 tallest building
  • The New South China Mall in Dongguan is the world’s biggest shopping mall
  • Leading exporter of trade goods to China (Texas, USA)
  • Aircraft parts are the leading export category of trade goods between USA and China