Anhui Offers A Healthy Prescription for China Business (Part 2)

Anhui Offers A Healthy Prescription for China Business (Part 1)
Complementary and Alternate China Business

Well over half of all US citizens use one or the other form of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States, 2007). Women, people who are highly educated, those who have experienced the travails of hospitalization, and substance abusers, use such approaches even more often than others. It is inevitable that members of the European Union will follow suit even if they are not aficionados of herbal drugs already! Overall, the stage is set for a huge global expansion in the demand for Complementary and Alternative Medicines: that is certainly good news for health care forms of China business! An especially heartening aspect of this trend is that you do not have to own a large pharmaceutical corporation to start a new China business around herbal medicine: the sector is open for small and medium players, and for companies which wish to forward integrate as well.

Proprietary Dimensions of Your China Business

Entrepreneurs from other countries, particularly from the west, who enter the country with pre-conceived notions of intellectual property monopolies, will always swim against the tide of China business. The cultural and ideological roots of this nation will simply not allow foreigners to take away indigenous resources for pittances. It is true, as stated earlier in this article that the Beijing government remains committed to bridging the gaps in their patent laws, but this does not mean that foreigners can exploit local conditions as they have been able to do in other territories. Ownership of knowledge related to China business must be integrated with indigenous concerns and rights (Yang, 2003). Regions such as Anhui provide some of the best grounds for establishing new China business related to health care. How can one do this?

Finding a reliable local partner is a vital first step. Foreign entrepreneurs should establish long-term China business relationships through stable sourcing arrangements for local herbs, technological help in developing suitable extraction and quality assurance systems, and equitable sharing of the financial and economic rewards of developmental investments. Such moves will automatically deter pirates, and foster a China business climate in which everyone gains. Many industrial and manufacturing sectors have found Anhui to be a suitable area for growing China business, and there is much virgin territory waiting to be used in terms of health care. is happy to serve as a forum for people from all over the globe to connect with the best business prospects in China.