Are You Ready for the Reign of China Business? (Part 2)

Are You Ready for the Reign of China Business? (Part 1)
The Powerful Asian Margins of China Business
All countries in the Indo-China region will be affected by an axis linking China business and Indian entities. The significant economies of Thailand and Vietnam can form a continuum with Cambodia, while the smaller states of Bhutan, Nepal, and Myanmar, stand to make gains that they can never realize alone. Close alliances between China, India, and the Muslim world, or with a unified Korea, seem unlikely at this time, but they cannot be ruled out by observers at any rate.

The US, Japan, Australia, and the EU in a China Business Axis

The United States, Japan, Australia, and the EU, are four large economies that are politically closer to India than they are to communism. However, each of these four nations and blocks has deeper and heavier economic anchors in the seas of China business, than they have in or with India. All these countries have to prepare for a future in which China business and Indian companies rule the world market like never before.

There are tight limits to what the worlds of commerce and industry can achieve in the amorphous fields of politics and governance. However, industries and service providers everywhere and of all sizes would do well to think through how a bond between India and China may affect them. This matter includes units which operate within the two respective nations. India will elect a new government in 2009, and the five years thereafter could be the formative ones for decades of reign by the two most populous countries on earth.

What’s your take on an axis between India and China? How would you be affected, and how do you think such an alliance could serve the larger interests of the world community as a whole.