China Delegation Visits Murrieta USA

Located in Riverside County in California, USA, Murrieta is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the state. In the decade between 2000 and 2010, the city experienced a population increase of more than 130 percent, and although it is largely a residential area, Murrieta has established a new International Business Center and is pursuing business interests with a number of parties, including the People’s Republic of China. Recently officials of the City of Murrieta welcomed a delegation of twelve Chinese business and government authorities from Zhejiang’s Shaoxing County to meet with local companies to discuss opportunities for mutually beneficial trade.

Murrieta’s economic development director, Bruce Coleman, noted that the delegation from China included representatives from banking, manufacturing and scientific companies. Local Murrieta-based representatives who would be attending the business meetings include Nimbus Water and EGRO Biofuels – both of which are greentech or cleantech companies that are promoting the use of renewable environmentally friendly resources. The objective of this networking opportunity is to promote import/export between the two regions and explore possibilities for collaborative ventures.

Coleman was reported as saying that, although the International Business Center is located at the Murrieta City Hall, it promotes business development to benefit the entire area of southwest Riverside County, as well as Inland Southern California. Further strengthening the link between Murrieta and China, it was the only city to be invited to participate in a recent business summit between the United States and China held in Los Angeles.

Other news in US-China trade relations is that US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke of Massachusetts has been nominated for the position of US ambassador to China. In a prepared statement it was noted that Senator Locke will be handling a weighty assignment, as it is essential that the United States and China cooperate on many levels, across a range of both government and private sector activities. As a third generation American, Governor Locke’s ancestry on his father’s side includes family members from Taishan, in the Guangdong province of China. His understanding of Chinese culture is likely to stand him in good stead if he is chosen for the position.