China-Virginia USA Trade Expansion

At present China is the second biggest export country for Virginia’s trade. The State’s Governor, Bob McDonnell, is looking to expand its relationship with China, and establishing a Shanghai marketing office is only the beginning. Numerous companies are already working on exporting and importing with China, such as REO Logistics that will be receiving an aluminum shipment from China for the first time. It is expected that this delivery will become a weekly occurrence and assist in job creation for the local population. That is why cities such as Waynesboro have also been negotiating with China with regard to imports and exports.

General Manager of REO Logistics, Tom Sikes, said that not only are they working on the import and export industry with China, but hope that their relationship will strengthen and hopefully allow them to participate in the Chinese Garden Show, which is an exclusive event. This participation will not only promote Waynesboro but the entire state of Virginia. Other cities that have been invited to participate are Seattle and Houston. Showcasing Virginia will allow the state to exhibit all its products and industries and it is hoped that the Garden Show will also assist in the programs at Virginia universities where they teach different languages and various dialects. He is already working with the Blue Ridge Community College, looking at ways to expand the teaching of the Chinese language. Governor Bob McDonnell commented that to be able to reach success in the global economy, it is vital for Virginia to become more involved in the markets in China.

He was quoted saying: “Unfortunately Virginia has failed to properly devote resources in recent years to market to China, putting us behind other states in competing for investment opportunities. That is no longer the case. I applaud the Virginia legislature’s decision to invest in the commonwealth’s efforts to expand its international reach.” McDonnell will be in Asia for a period of two weeks, where he will be visiting China, Korea and Japan looking at marketing and job creation for Virginia. Director of International Investment for Virginia Economic Development, Hailey Fong, will head up the new offices in Shanghai. With her ten years of experience in foreign trade for the company making her accustomed to environments that are multi-cultured, it is believed that she will be able to assist the State of Virginia in its mission to expand its trade and investment industries with China.