Chinese Business Opportunities in Environmental Protection (Part 1)

Contradictions between concepts of sovereignty and international laws have plagued geo-politics with China throughout modern times. Environmental conservation aspects have often fallen prey to such controversies, since the direct effects of unchecked pollution have been largely domestic in nature. However, there are signs that the Beijing establishment is more amenable than it has been in the past, to assuage global concerns about the earth environment in holistic terms. This has led to speculation that new business and industrial opportunities may now reside in helping China contain the harmful effects of its rapid economic growth.

Twin Routes to Environment Related Chinese Business Opportunities

Both technology and process represent important business opportunities, when it comes to outside participation in China’s economic development. The Three Gorges project for example, has power generation, flood control, and navigation as its principal aims. The importance of these aims has been responsible for the country proceeding with massive resettlement and ecological plunder in the face of severe international opposition. However, if the rulers in Beijing were to be presented with alternative ways of meeting their energy, irrigation, and transport objectives, then the project might have been reconsidered. The example proves that business opportunities in China have to be forged from the bedrock of the country’s major goals. Both technologies as well as processes, which meet business and environmental protection standards, are required, and will find receptive ears. There are many opportunities for equipment manufacturers, technology providers, as well as for process consultants, in this country. China has laws for environmental protection in place, which can rival those in any other country. Implementation may be hampered because people do not have the knowledge and material resources, though many observers from the west doubt Chinese intentions as well.

Chinese Business Opportunities Related to Environmental Protection (Part 2)