Does China Business Have a New Strategy and How Does That Affect You? (Part 1)

“We are not just concerned about whether a bank is just cheap”. You could expect that kind of statement from the Nobel-Prize winning micro-credit pioneer of Bangladesh. However, this quote is from the Chair of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited! This could be a sign of new times in the China business world.

You do not have to live in the country to be immersed in China business waves. Many of the world’s top brands have components from here, or are even made and owned in the country. The 2008 Olympics have raised the general profile of China business. At least one Hollywood celebrity has abused that sporting event! Come to think of it, don’t we all look for excuses to blame China business for everything? Quality or currency, there seems to be no end to gripes!

China business has taken everything on its collective chin. It rarely reacts in public to world criticism, though Beijing has a habit of considered and low key responses to all forms of feedback. Could reluctance to pump capital in to ailing western banks signal a major change? Certainly, the China business role in world affairs can no longer be ignored. It does not matter where you live, or what you do: the new face of China business is upon you!

How China Business Will Hit the Outside World

“Our overseas acquisitions must be in line with our overall development strategy”. Only people with formal Business Management training can appreciate the full import of that quote. The Harvard genre of faculty and alumni have typically spent decades of teaching, study, and practice before speaking about buying companies and strategic issues. Again, we have quoted the Chair of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited. This is a position of deciding influence in Beijing. So what does it say about the new China business relationship with the world?

The days of a Parent-Child relationship between the first world and China business are over. Behavioral psychologists will see Spielberg’s action in punishing China for not doing more in Darfur, in terms of Transactional Analysis. You may not care to know what Transactional Analysis implies, but it is useful in predicting new behavior patterns by China business policy-makers. Beijing has begun to respond to world opinion and to domestic issues as well, using the best principles of Business Management.

Does China Business Have a New Strategy and How Does That Affect You? (Part 2)