Easy Steps to do Business and Start Trade during Your Olympics China Tour

Quality is relevant for every business in the world. China is no different in this respect. Quality is even more important in China as the country is a versatile supplier to the world. 2007 was marked by more than one instance of goods made by foreigners in China being found to have inferior quality. Media in the home countries of such companies have tried to blame China for their own lapses.

You can turn the Beijing Olympics of August 2008 in to a business event. Visit China to witness your favorite form of athletics in person. Charge the expenses to the revenues of your business in entirely legitimate manner. Add a visit to Shenzhen in Guangdong after the Olympics. Participate in Quality Expo China. This event will be held at the Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen.

Quality Management professionals from all over the world are expected at this event. There will be technical presentations as well as displays of test and measurement equipment and software. You will get a new optic on how China manages quality issues. Return home with a bag full of useful ideas apart from your happy memories of the Olympics.

Your family will love Shenzhen. There is plenty to see and do in the city and in the province. Read all about it in one of our earlier publications on this web site: Guangdong