Implications of African China Business Links (Part 1)

There are many shades of opinion about the political implications of China business links with Africa, but the economic, financial, and industrial implications are above controversy. China business is a driving force of development throughout the vast continent of Africa, putting the United Sates and the European Union entirely in the shade and at the margins. A handful of American companies continue to drill for oil off parts of the Western coast of Africa, but the super power has little say in the running of the many countries around the vast Saharan region.

Britain’s isolation of Zimbabwe has degenerated in to nothing more than an immature gesture of petulance, while South Africa extends its freedom from Apartheid to entirely distancing itself from colonial influences of earlier centuries. China business and Africa have become staunch allies, with mutuality of benefits as the principal cementing ingredient.

The bonds of China business with Africa have staggering implications for international relations around the globe. The paradigm of cooperation between nations that started at the end of World War II, and climaxed with the demise of the Soviet Union, now stands in disarray. Japan’s economic progress during the last decade of the 20th century, and during the first one of the current Millennium, does not show US aid in good light. This is also evident from the conditions of other Marshall Plan beneficiaries. There must be better ways for developed economies to nurture emerging ones in more sustainable manner: has China business discovered answers? It would appear that the China business gateway to Africa is so broad and deep that it can accommodate other countries as well! The best visa to Africa is now through China business!

Sustainable, Widespread, and Mutual Benefits, as China Business Beacons

Losers generally develop jaundice in their eyes! Countries that have surrendered market shares to China business are prone to prevaricate about their failures. Both partners of the China business and Africa axis are criticized for their independence in ideological and environmental matters: there may indeed be substance in parts of such negative comments, but they are bereft of meaning in commercial or financial terms.

Everyone gains in China business! Not even the adversaries of this vast, populous, and ancient country will deny that China business has an identity all of its own. It is adept at taking some concepts from other countries and streams of governance, while rejecting others in favor of its indigenous ways. The China business association with Africa is actually a live demonstration of customer integration. China business, contrary to some biased reports, does not work for its unilateral benefits. Impoverished communities welcome China business in their midst because the benefits are transparent, fair, tangible, and rapid.

Implications of African China Business Links (Part 2)