Mineral Home of China Business (Part 2)

Mineral Home of China Business (Part1)
A Special Treasure from Gansu for all China Business
Though Gansu has a wide base of metals under its surface, it is nickel which is of greatest interest for both domestic and international prospectors. There is a global effort in progress to increase nickel production. This is because the metal has such varied applications in diverse sections of every economy.

The demand-supply balance of nickel so threatens the viability of certain downstream industries such as special grades of steel that recycling from scrap has become a major industrial activity in its own right. However, since objects made of steel last for decades, locating adequate quantities of scrap is not a viable prospect by itself. New demands from electric cars for batteries, and for pollution control equipment, drive the total demand for nickel upwards in every nation, regardless of recycling efforts. The situation in China is even more pressing than in most other economies, because the pace of new demand growth is so rapid.

The Gansu Jinchuan organization is one of the most coveted nickel reserve owners in the world. There is virtually unlimited scope for other companies to enter the field, either in collaboration with existing players, or by seeking fresh licenses to work new mines. The region has plenty of suitable human resources, and the government is actively cooperative in helping entities with appropriate technologies and financial resources to establish their China business operations in Gansu. This is also the case for manufacturing projects which seek to reduce their manufacturing costs by locating value-added processes near sources of key minerals. A strong base in Gansu can give an international player a sustainable competitive advantage through privileged access to key mineral resources.

This is apart from the excellent industrial and social infrastructures invested in by the Beijing government for this romantic part of Northern China. The provincial authorities are also very determined to accelerate the economic development of the area under their charge, and work hard to give concrete shapes to all new China business proposals which come their way. Establishing a new venture in Gansu based on its natural wealth is not just a matter of profits and growth, but of the supreme satisfaction of participating in one of the most revolutionary initiatives of regional development ever undertaken.