Stable Foundations of China Business (Part 2)

Stable Foundations of China Business (Part 1)
The Role of Technology in China Business
The Anglo-Saxon dominated world of today may not regard the acronym SCUT with much reverence, but it is extremely meaningful for the best domestic brains behind China business. Have you ever thought how this country could find the know-how to penetrate all major world markets with its products? The South China University of Technology churns out nearly fifty thousand engineers and entrepreneurs a year.

A visit to its central campus can be entirely misleading because the picturesque scenery and the striking architecture could make you feel as though you have arrived at a spa on the moon! However, the lecture halls, laboratories, and the library, are bee-hives of nation-building activities, actively managed by the Ministry of Education.

SCUT is an entirely different kind of university for denizens of free enterprise. Anyone who wants to appreciate the true roots of the path-breaking successes of China business needs to study how SCUT works and is directed. The South China University of Technology has the same standards of excellence for law and business management, as it does for engineering and the physical sciences. The government is an influential stakeholder, so that the alumni contribute handsomely and consistently to national development. SCUT is a precious jewel of Guangdong, though it maintains a relatively low profile for all its eminence and utility. SCUT also has a pivotal role in providing China business with a sound platform of highly skilled human resources.

One may think that SCAU has no place in place in China business, since the country has so rapidly transformed its agrarian landscape in to modern industries and urban centers. However, hardly anything could be further from the truth! The South China Agricultural University is a secret weapon for all of Guangdong. It has a vanguard position in the country’s food security, and also helps in the expansion of industrial land by significant improvements in productivity-led technologies.

SCAU is a glittering example of how Guangdong has used the higher education route to holistic and inclusive social and industrial development.