Sustainable China Business (Part 1)

Will China business continue to grow, or is it a bubble that could explode all of a sudden? The public domain on opinions and information on this matter of global interest is dominated by classical western thought. Leaders from the realms of business, economics, and social development, never lose opportunities to take pot shots at China business, and tend to act as soothsayers of doom! The Beijing regime has not only survived more than a decade of criticism, but has ensured that the amazing march of China business continues unabated. The objective of this article is to try and ferret out the means of sustainability in China business, and lessons that it may hold for both citizens and for foreigners, on how to participate in the long term evolution of this wondrous country’s economic history.

It is difficult to be certain about macro-economic projections in any country. Regulators and policy makers typically have tenures in office which are much shorter than the final effects of the decisions they take, ostensibly in the greater public interest. This results in quandaries at the micro level, as we wonder on how we can protect our China business interests within the operational areas that remain largely within our own domains of control. One way to address this vexed issue is to look for sectors and parts of the incredibly large China business world in which we are free to establish and to expand sustainable and profitable ventures.

Is Tourism Guizhou’s Sole Contribution to China Business?

Guizhou is not the best known province when it comes to current and established China business. It is tucked away in a quiet corner of the south and west of the country, and is fabled for its natural beauty and ethnic diversity. The region, relative to others involved in China business, does not have a plethora of new manufacturing units and growing international links. That does not mean the region is poorly administered, for tourism is pursued with vigor. The region has many attractions for history buffs and for people with passions for ancient cultures of the world. But while Guizhou is a feast for the eyes, are there new China business options to be explored here?

Guizhou has glorious forest cover with some of the rarest bio-diversity available in this part of the world. Forestry is already well developed as a leading China business, but there is plenty of room for new genetic technology, and for nurseries to replace consumed resources. The provincial and federal governments are very keen on expanding the sustainable development of Guizhou’s forests, and the field is open for domestic and international entrepreneurs alike. The region may never lead in electronics, manufacturing, and other such conventional sectors, but it is poised to make a major difference to environmentally conscious regional development.

Sustainable China Business (Part 2)