World Expo Pavilions: Highest Fire Protection Standards

Security is the top issue for the upcoming Shanghai World Exhibition – The Swiss Jansen AG implemented high-end fire protection systems in the Hong Kong Pavilion.

The whole world will be focusing on Shanghai when the World Exhibition opens up in only five days. The organizers want to ensure to host a perfect event and stress the importance of building security. “This Chinese trend towards higher security standards for buildings is irreversible. The government insists on top quality”, states Christoph Gressbach, Managing Director Asia for the Swiss Jansen AG. Fire safety specialist Jansen, who also contributed to the construction of the National Stadium in Beijing, installed high-end fire protection facades in the recently finished Hong Kong Expo Pavilion.

“Security is vital part”

China’s Minister for Public Security, Meng Jianzhu, spotlighted the extensive safety efforts during a recent visit to the Expo area. Security work within the Expo site “is the vital part of the event”, said Meng, who also stressed the importance of fire safety and emergency plans. Most of the Expo Pavilions are constructed for a limited time scale only. “This of course does not imply that minor quality material can be used. On the contrary: Quality and security are the top concerns”, underlines Mr. Gressbach.

The Hong Kong Pavilion is located in the centre of the Expo area, next to the China Pavilion. The eye-catching structure is themed “Hong Kong – Potential Unlimited” and showcases the city’s openness. Also, the three inter-linking levels represent the city’s connectivity to the rest of the world.

The Swiss Jansen AG installed fire protection facades for the two stairways inside the building. “Because the interior space is quite narrow, the facades needed to be transparent and secure. The installed VISS Fire system can hold back the fire and smoke for two hours”, states Gressbach. While the fire protection glass is a Chinese product, all other materials for the 150sqm facade have been imported from Switzerland. The VISS Fire system is made of steel profiles. “It not only looks elegant, but also offers more safety than aluminium systems”, explains Gressbach. The system was frequently tested in Europe and China and meets the highest security requirements.

Swiss quality made in China

The Swiss Jansen AG started its China operations in 2000 with the construction of the German School in Beijing for the German Embassy. Since then, the company with its headquarters near St. Gallen realized more than 100 high-tech projects. Amongst many others, the Jansen glazed steel doors and facades are installed in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing and the General Motors Building in Shanghai. Jansen closely cooperates with architects and building contractors. The Swiss experts developed the Jansen Competence Center and Workshop in the Xinzhuang Industry Park in Shanghai.

About Jansen AG: Jansen was founded in 1923. Today, the company employs 830 people and creates a turnover of 270 million Swiss francs (2009). The company is based in Oberriet, Switzerland. Jansen has an impressive history of product development using steel, plastic and aluminium. In 1998, Jansen began production in the German town of Dingelstädt at the most modern steel tubing plant in Europe. Jansen AG is active in development, production, consultancy and sales of welded precision steel tubing, steel systems for façade, window and door constructions, as well as plastic products for the construction industry and wider industrial use. For more information, please visit: