China Business Spurt from the Olympics (Part 2)

China Business Spurt from the Olympics (Part 1)
Is China Business Related to the Olympics Durable?

There are a number of reasons to set the Beijing Olympics apart. Its system of governance is very different from that of the free nations of the first world. The indigenous culture, at the same time, is rich, ancient, and distinctive. Cultural celebrations may be part of each Olympics, but they have special significance in the case of Beijing.

It is a unique opportunity for people from other countries to take close looks at Chinese civilization. It is also an occasion for the local population to open its eyes to how other people live and think. The numbers of people-to-people contacts between citizens and foreigners will expand manifold during the games, leading to myriad new opportunities for China business.

Most of the new infrastructure and construction projects which make for tangible China business opportunities, and which are directly related to the Beijing Olympics, will need regular maintenance, periodic upgrades, and even expansions. Thus, the crews from abroad, which have entered the country through the Olympics route, can look forward to regular China business long after the games are over. Similarly, Chinese companies, which have upgraded their processes to win bids to supply goods and services to the Olympics, can expect regular streams of revenue from exports in future. The economic benefits of the Olympics are as durable as the stadiums and other buildings of concrete! We can expect Beijing to rise in stature as a global business center after the games.

Beijing as an International Base for China Business

The Chinese authorities have made an enormous and a sustained effort to make an international metropolis out of their capital city. The city now conforms to global standards in vital respects, and houses large numbers of expatriates. Though the local culture and political ideology is always in evidence, Beijing is very accommodating of foreign tastes and preferences. This makes it an ideal base for entrepreneurs from other countries that wish to start or to expand any China business. The cultural and social infrastructure is designed to make expatriate families enjoy their sojourns in this modern and dynamic city. Beijing is also a suitable base for local citizens to establish new China business links with entities from other countries. Shanghai has certainly leveraged its proximity to Hong Kong to grow at a frenetic pace, but Beijing after the 2008 Olympics, is not going to take things lying down!