Federal and Provincial China Business Facilitation (Part 1)

Hebei is a special gem in the garland of China business achievements! The country needs no introduction for remarkable economic transformation. There is no recorded history to match the incredible rise of China business during the last 2 decades. There is a popular conception that parts of the mainland adjoining Hong Kong and the disputed territory of Taiwan are foci of concerted job and wealth creation. Such opinions are not untrue, but they tend to hide some amazing feats by provincial governments in other parts of China. Hebei is a clear example of a region of the country with matchless China business development, which often does not get the international spotlights it deserves.

The China business of Hebei grows at over 10% a year. This frenetic pace is secular, with progress on multiple fronts, ranging from the primordial agronomy of growing vegetables to the futuristic climes of cutting-edge electronics. China business development in this region covers a universe of sectors. It therefore succeeds in raising the standards of living for all stake-holders. Hebei may be a part of China, but the country’s political leaders have been as concerned for the profit interests of foreign investors, as its passionate dedication for socialist ideology. Everyone who participates in the China business initiatives of Hebei stands to gain, regardless of economic and national barriers.

How Stakeholders Converge to Make China Business Succeed

What can we learn from the economic and social miracles of Hebei? There should certainly be widespread motivation to draw lessons from this wonderful template of China business, given that so many parts of the globe lag behind in economic development. It is popular to join choruses of protest when products of China business fail to meet safety or quality standards, but does the world give due credit when examples of diligent and skilled governance, such as at Hebei, surface? Poor communities from leading democracies of the world do not have opportunities to see what happens in Hebei, but it is nearly certain that they would opt for this style of governance if given such choices!

Polarization of stakeholders hinders development and progress. This would appear to be the reason why democracies such as India, which border China, cannot mimic the runaway success of material well-being for the people, achieved by the regime in Beijing, and by the numerous provincial departments responsible for China business development. Federal and local branches of governance, large corporations, foreign capital, international technology, and even adversaries of China business, come together for the common cause of economic development in this vast country. This is the core secret of Hebei’s path-breaking reforms.

Federal and Provincial China Business Facilitation (Part 2)