Green Energy Project

With the cost of oil increasing and the fact that the world is taking notice of the damage being done to the earth through greenhouse gases, alternative energy sources are being looked at by many countries. China is in the process of releasing their new project for green energy to the public, in which they hope to increase their renewable energy sources and save costs, as well as supporting the conservation of the environment. They hope to start the construction of the renewable energy plants as soon as possible and are working on a time scale of between five to ten years.

Renewable energy, also referred to as green energy, can be produced by a number of natural sources such as water, sunlight, geothermal heat and wind. Wind power, however, is one of the most popular sources, and the United States and various countries within Asia and Europe have been using wind power to generate energy. At present, Brazil is the leader in renewable energy, being home to the largest project of its kind in the world. When looking at geothermal power sources, California leads with The Geysers. Each country is finding their own unique renewable energy sources, and China is looking towards wind and solar power.

The production of renewable energy can be intermittent depending on the sources used, and is therefore used in conjunction with traditional energy sources. China is hoping to generate fifteen percent of their energy from green energy, allocating billions of dollars toward research, solar power plants, wind farms and nuclear power plants. The country hopes to have these facilities running in about five year’s time, even though they have awarded ten years to the green energy project. Over and above the increase in the use of green energy, the Chinese government is also aiming to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions by approximately forty to forty-five percent by the year 2020, as research done in regard to the emissions shows that a decrease of this percentage would be equivalent to approximately 1.5 billion tons. China will soon be releasing the details of this project to the public, and is striving to create a safer world for its population and the environment.