The China Business Route to Switzerland (Part 1)

Only the features of people can remind you that this is not Switzerland! China business may be furthest from your mind when you feast your eyes on the pristine scenery of Heilongjiang. The same thing can happen if you take part in any of the snow sports and winter festivals, though many degrees of longitude separate this province of China from the center of Europe. Heilongjiang may be a strong bastion of contemporary communism, but the best values of developed agriculture and varied industries seem as real and close here, as in the main centers of Switzerland.

It may be that people who live in difficult and land-locked terrain become more sturdy and determined, but all the ethnicities resident in Heilongjiang display remarkable similarities with the citizens who have made Switzerland such an admirable nation in the world’s eyes. This is not to suggest that Heilongjiang is a destination for the ill-gotten gains of international criminals, but to underscore the advantages of this province in terms of highly developed forms of farming and livestock rearing. Like Switzerland, Heilongjiang is also home to a number of industrial and commercial enterprises, and it has a diversified agricultural base as well.

International investors can use Heilongjiang to compete with Switzerland’s dairy and related lines of enterprise, and do so at fractions of European costs. The government has ensured that the inland water bodies of this part of northern China can be navigated, putting both Russia and Europe within feasible reach of Heilongjiang: Japan is of course, almost next door! Then, there is domestic demand within China itself, and this is a rapidly growing segment in its own right. Therefore, there are a number of large domestic and international markets for meat, fish, and diary products, to which agriculture based industries in the Heilongjiang province can cater.

The encouragement for foreign investors that Beijing extends, and the planned infrastructure development which is a feature of all of China, combine to make this province an even better value offer for new enterprises than the most developed parts of Europe. Conditions are ripe for the outsourcing of production of global food and beverage brands. The abundance of inland water resources makes Heilongjiang just right for production of premium meats such as salmon. The high existing cattle population means that industries which are based on leather can also establish valuable operations in this picturesque part of China.

The China Business Route to Switzerland (Part 2)