Which Hotel to Choose for a First Visit to China

A hotel can make or break your trip to China. Vacation or business, your schedule needs a good night’s rest. Laundry, a filling breakfast, and reasonably priced telephone calls home, are other touches to keep you comfortable. Then there are emergencies. You want to be sure that the staff can get you out in case of fire. A competent doctor has to arrive quickly if you develop unbearable pain. There are loads of essential services you wish will never be needed.

International chains can be boring. You miss local flavor. Besides, they may have no properties in smaller towns. China is more like a continent rather than a country like most of the others in the world. Moving from a famous metropolis to the inner reaches of China can be a massive change. How can you enjoy an extended China trip?

A personal helper could be your best bet. You can use such a network even if you are a China veteran. Such services do more than find you clean, safe, and affordable places to stay. Helpers can double as translators, show you how to commute, and find incredible shopping bargains. Who knows, you could also use such contacts to further your China business interests?

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