The China Business Route to Switzerland (Part 2)

The demand for quality food products, animal rearing in safe and controlled conditions, and ramping up supplies to meet growing population requirements, all point to novel China business opportunities. The world has grown accustomed to this country producing sophisticated manufactured goods, so it now time to prove how good the Chinese can be at farming. Heilongjiang has excellent traditions in this respect, and the local work force is capable of supporting state-of-the-art processing facilities.

Experiences with minerals and feedstock for conventional energy suggest that only early birds will get the worms of China business opportunities in meat and dairy product industries of Heilongjiang. The potential demand within China is of extraordinary dimensions, without even considering exports. Russia and Japan can probably consume everything Heilongjiang is able to produce as well. Besides, mixing exotic breeds with local ones will take time to stabilize. European consumers will certainly expect sound safety data before they accept edible products from new suppliers. This will also be a reason for Beijing to encourage foreign investments and know-how in this potential money-spinning area.

China Business from Rural and Agricultural Development

Third world countries and emerging economies have their own reasons to associate with China business opportunities in the agrarian areas of Heilongjiang. The province has excellent track records of productivity gains in cereals, bean production, and fiber crops such as flax. Heilongjiang has much to teach struggling farm communities about how to nurture their natural resources. The province also has an outstanding set of achievements with respect to rural development. Countless numbers of families have been lifted out of poverty in this part of the world, and local government bodies have shown amazing abilities to transform stagnant and backward landscapes. The administrators of Heilongjiang are able to achieve rapid economic growth rates for deprived communities. Welfare and resettlement are related areas in which Heilongjiang has excelled, apart from poverty alleviation. Meat and dairy projects are most suitable for making balanced transitions from rural to industrialized economies. Finally, Heilongjiang is a top example of how to develop and to conserve natural resources. There is no doubt that this Asian version of Switzerland is a top tourist destination, but it is also full of profitable China business options!