The Trojan horse of China Business (Part 2)

The personal computer business sector makes a telling statement of how effective the Taiwanese can be at competing with their erstwhile compatriots from the main land. However, it is not in electronics alone, for Taiwan has competencies in a broad array of industrial sectors.

Politics and China Business

China has been a grandiose civilization, and one of the most influential countries on earth, centuries before major powers of the 20th century, notably the United States, were even born. The indigenous perspective of its fairy-tale growth and progress during the past 2 decades must therefore dwell on a kind of return to former glory. However, there is no dearth of critics who hope that the Chinese band wagon will trip. Indeed, this could well be the case, given wide chasms between the many ethnic rivulets bound together as the nation of China. The present political structure is unusual to say the least, and it should come as no surprise if materially secure communities begin to demand the freedoms enjoyed by citizens of most other countries.

Territorial disputes bedevil the future of China as a country, at least as much as economic disparities, environmental concerns, and political trends. The integration of Hong Kong and the rapid material development of Lhasa are significant statements made by the ruling regime in Beijing. Taiwan, however, is recalcitrant, belligerent, and unrepentant. There is no significant development in the public domain to suggest that these tiny islands off the mainland of China, are about to surrender their sovereignty. Neither does Beijing seem to be under any time pressure to annex the territory. What is the single most important factor for these dichotomies from the template of inscrutable Chinese aggression?

China business: economic development scores over mutual animosity between Taiwan and the mainland. The two governments and citizens may disagree on so many significant counts, but they are united in the forceful efforts to do China business together. This durable thread between the two separate entities of today gives a special place to Fujian. This area is a natural link and the focus of much of Taiwan’s investments in the main land. That is why the picturesque landscape of Fujian is transforming at such a frenetic pace.