Haikou in China

The beautiful city of Haikou is the capital and provincial administration center of the Hainan province, the second largest of China’s islands. Haikou, meaning “Mouth of the Sea”, is situated on the west bank of the Nandu River estuary at the northern end of Hainan.

Haikou is often referred to as the “Coconut City”, with the streets of the downtown area of the city lined with lush coconut palms. With the sea on three sides of the city, Haikou has a long coastline and features top class seaside resorts with excellent beach facilities, all geared up to making a visit to the beach an enjoyable experience. The national windsurfing and sailing teams train and hold competitions on the stunning Xixiu Beach, making this beach very popular with locals and tourists alike. Visitors are delighted with the abundance of locally grown fruits such as mangos, pineapples, paw-paw, loquat and passion fruit as well as the unusual local dishes that Haikou is famous for.

In addition to all the natural resources of Haikou, there are as number of sites of historical importance. Among others, there are The Wugong Temple (otherwise known as “The Five Official’s Temple”), the Xiuying Emplacement and the Tomb of Hai Rui. Haikou-born Hai Rui was an official from the Ming Dynasty, who campaigned for the rights of the common people, punishing those who abused their power. His integrity, compassion and abilities as a politician earned him the respect of his peers as well as the respect of many generations who followed.

From a business perspective, Haikou has much to offer. In 1987 Haikou was given the status of being a special economic zone and incentives were offered for foreign investments and trade. This has proven to be immensely beneficial to the city’s economy. In December 2006 Haikou was the host city for the second East Asia Marine Congress, giving an additional boost to an already prosperous economy. Haikou has an excellent infrastructure, an efficient transport system and is the gateway to the city of Guangzhou of the Guangdong province on mainland South China, which facilitates the exportation of the many products that the province of Hainan produces. These products include, among others, 20 varieties of fruit and vegetables, cinnamon, sugar, tobacco and rice, as well as many minerals, petro-chemical products and rubber.

It is no wonder then that many business people visit the city of Haikou, recognizing it as a prime location for favorable trade. Haikou really is a superb destination for enjoying both business and relaxation.

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