Xining in China

The city of Xining is located in the Qinghai province and is the capital of the province. It is the center for all technological, economic and political activities of the Qinghai province and is tiny when compared to other cities across China. By being situated on the edge of the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau, the city of Xining stands at an altitude of more than 2 200 meters and directly on the line of the old Silk Route. Xining and the surrounding areas are scattered with ancient memories and monuments to the past, which attracts many visitors to this fascinating city.

At first glance, the quiet city does not appear to be a flourishing business destination, but with the improvements that have been made to accommodation and the fact that it is conveniently situated in regard to transportation, there has been an increased interest in the area by investors. Of all the 659 cities in China, Xining falls in at 382 in regards to business, which does not exactly leave it at the bottom of the barrel. Investment opportunities can be found in established industries such as salt, textiles, fur, wool spinning, processing, milk and meat. Because of its significant transport network and the constant influx of visitors and travelers, there are great voids in the market that could be used to the advantage of businessmen. The introduction of new industries and innovation could mean the start of a long and productive relationship with the city, and the entire Qinghai province.

Another source of income to the city of Xining is the tourism industry. Xining is fortunate to have many interesting attractions and sites within and around the city limits. Visitors are recommended to take a trip to Birds Island, on the Qinghai Lake, the breathtaking Ta’er Monastery, the Dongguan Mosque and the Beichan Temple. The singing festivals that are held on Laoye Mountain are a spectacular traditional event, and if visitors find themselves in Xining on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, this is a cultural extravaganza that should not be missed.

Xining might seem small and insignificant to most people, but those who do not explore this jewel of the Qinghai province will be cheating themselves out of the opportunity to discover the ancient beauty, and unlimited possibilities that await in this spectacular tourist and business destination.

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