Jinan in China

The city of Jinan is the capital city of the Shandong Province and is located on the eastern coast of China. As the capital city of the province, Jinan has jurisdiction over the districts of Tiangiao, Lixia, Shixhong, Huaiyin and Licheng, and oversees four counties, giving it a total coverage area of approximately 8 227 square kilometers and an estimated population of 5.4 million residents. It functions as the political, economical and cultural center of the Shandong Province and is a favorite destination amongst tourists and business travelers.

Jinan is situated to the west of the province and is near to Zibo, Laiwu, Dezhou, Tai’an, Liaocheng and Binzhou. It is a city that is known as the site where the discovery of the Longshan Culture was made and goes hand in hand with its rich history of beautiful pottery that is produced by the locals. The city also has a great variety of educational institutions, laboratories and research facilities. At present, business opportunities lie in the technology industries, as Jinan tries to diversify itself and not rely solely on the textile industry and heavy industries. The development of IT, bio-engineering and appliances will open new doors and unexplored economic industries. Future business opportunities and economic richness can be improved by introducing these new industries and structures. Because of its high number of colleges and universities, Jinan has a highly qualified and capable workforce, increasing the quality of service delivery and industrial sectors.

Business travelers are not only interested in the economy of a city, but its lure and what it has to offer. Jinan is a cultural and historical treasure trove of activities and sites to visit. Some of the recommended attractions include the Baotu Spring Park (for which the city has been nicknamed Spring City), Thousand Buddha Mountain, Lake of Five Dragons, the Four-Door Pagoda, the ruins of the Shentong Temple, Lingyan Temple, Shandong Provincial Museum, Jinan Municipal Museum and Shandong Provincial Library. There are also lively festivals to look forward to, such as the Double-Nine Festival and the Lantern Festival. Quancheng Square is a known location in the city for entertainment, its musical fountain, large shopping centers and fascinating memorial hall.

Jinan is a destination in China that has warm and friendly residents, breathtaking attractions and an economy that is focused on development and on the future. It is the perfect city to mix the search for business and investment opportunities, with the pleasure of exploring a cultural and historical destination.

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