Hangzhou in China

In the Yangtze River Delta, only 180 kilometers from the world famous city of Shanghai, lies the city of Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province. Hangzhou is known for its natural beauty and for its stable wealth that it has been able to maintain for more than a thousand years. It is for this latter reason, that investors find the city to be an irresistible business destination, filled with opportunities. As a major economic center in China, Hangzhou does not disappoint. As a location of historical importance, visitors will find many spectacular attractions and sites to distract them from the bustle of the city.

In the consecutive years of 2004, 2005 and 2006, the legendary Forbes Magazine ranked the city of Hangzhou as the most favorable and popular business destination in China. The staggering GDP totals each year and the growing interest and wealth of the city, have lead to numerous investment and business opportunities. Traditionally, and for many years, the leading industries in the city have included machinery, textiles and silk. But as modernization and progress started to increase, industries such as electronics and light industries have led the way to new innovations. The city has also become home to the largest and only production plantation of Longjing tea that is still baked and manufactured by hand.

Even though urban and economic developments have opened the doors to new business opportunities and contributed to the economy, a great part of the income of the city still relies on the tourism industry. The city is home to the Qiantang Tidal Bore, which is largest of its kind in the world. It also has impressive historic temples, such as the Lingyin Si and Jingci Temple, with architectural marvels including the Leifeng Pagoda, Baochu Pagoda and the Liuhe Pagoda. Amongst the natural and environmental sites are the Hangzhou Zoo, Yue-Wang Miao, Hangzhou Botanical Gardens, Xixi National Wetland Park, Jade Springs and the Dreaming of the Tiger Spring. The Tea Museum and the National Silk Museum give visitors a fascinating insight into the history of these traditional trades. If visitors would like to get a taste for tradition, Hangzhou is just the right place. It is known for its interesting and tasty local cuisine that includes dishes such as Dongpo Pork, Beggars Chicken, Fried Shrimps and West Lake Fish in Sweet-Sour Sauce.

The city of Hangzhou also boasts a very active nightlife that ranges from quiet teahouses to noisy pubs teeming with customers and night owls. Coffee shops and stores line the streets where visitors are able to choose from a selection of Hangzhou fans, silks, brocades, parasols and other interesting souvenirs. Hangzhou is a city alive with history, business and opportunities, waiting to be enjoyed.

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