Take Note of What China Feels about Your Country’s Reception for The Olympic Torch

Let us place the good news upfront. Foot fall at French department stores in China has not suffered. China continues to do business with those who have tricked them. The Beijing government is clear that protest must be within bounds. Histrionics to get media eye balls will not work in China.

The loss of western credibility is another matter. China is not Myanmar. The Opium Wars are unlikely again. The people of China have minds of their own. They will not countenance any loss of Tibet. China does not interfere in the internal affairs of others. Those who cannot reciprocate better watch out.

Icons of western media have become sacrificial lambs. Do not flush any advertising dollars down their plumbing any more. Perhaps they retain some goodwill in other places. Their very names are mud in China. They will continue to pay heavily for reporting quality on the 2008 Olympic torch long after the sports event is over. Stay on board this ship at your peril. China will not forget those who jumped at an opportunity to embarrass it.